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This was - by far - one of the toughest workouts I've done! No wonder that stinkin' dummy felt so heavy - Jason said its 140lbs - that's like me carrying myself around...good grief, Charlie Brown!


Nice job on that one Chloe~ you are really tough!!


To the 5:30 male Firefighters: You guys are the best to get all FIRED up with. Lets keep pushing each other, ok? Deal.

Female Firefighters: Sara, you did it, you never quit...and I even saw a smile the rest of the time. Lady Flames, you gals BURNED that!

Dutch: don't think I wasn't pumping my fist the whole way home that I got you by 5 seconds. Trust me, I was nearly sing in the street the rest of the night. Your humility is by far the characteristic that makes you superior. F*cking Kill'em!


Forgot to post.

"Lost in the Hellish, 700 active fires, smoke to the ground for last five days landscape that is NorCal" WOD

50 situps
50 double unders (almost, but did two singles for every missed double)
50 situps
50 lunges
50 situps
50 burpies
50 situps

Wanted to run, but seriously disgusting outside. "Wanted to run". Just realized how ridiculous that sounds coming out of my mouth.

Mike Ray

Yeah Sean, love it!

When do we get to see you again??

Lisa Ray

He is home this weekend. I have threatened him if he doesn't come on Sunday morning to work out with us. Sean..you've been warned again.


Izzy....your strength has always amazed me!

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